Welcome to The Hunt

An Adventure Gift

The Hunt is an artfully arranged, handcrafted home-based treasure hunt package, ready to set up as a small adventure for someone special in your life.

How Does It Work?

You’re probably wondering… How does this work? Each package includes a number of different clues that lead from one to the next. The clues vary in their difficulty and type, and range from anagrams and deciphers to word searches and missing letter challenges. The clues are always evolving and changing to keep up with our ever evolving world.

Where do the clues lead?

All the basic versions of The Hunt use places most people have around their house.  Make sure to check what locations are in the package you’re interested in, to make sure that they all work for you.  If you need to substitute a location that you don’t have for another one that you do have, we can help with that, too! 

An example: In The Hunt: Version 2, the clues lead to the following locations (so you can make sure all accessible to you when setting up):

Refrigerator, In a Closet, In a Bathroom Sink, Above a Bookshelf, In a Washing Machine or Dishwasher, Inside a Suitcase, and Under the Recipients Pillow.

How do you set it up?

It’s simple! Really, really simple.

To make it super easy on the gift giver, we’ve included straight-forward and easy to follow instructions on how to set up The Hunt. Set-up can take 5 minutes or less!

Can I get it customized?

As a special, customized gift, you can order a hand wood-burned gift label with the recipient’s name, as well as gift wrapping of The Hunt box. This, of course, will take a bit of extra time and be an additional charge.

If you’re looking for a completely customized hunt for a special occasion (ie: an Engagement or any other reason!), we’re happy to discuss those details and costs as well.  Keep in mind that ordering time needs to be well in advance so that we can get everything perfected and completed for you on time.

Contact Oh Sheesh for more details!

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