I enjoy making things that are not only beautiful, but useful. Approachable, but unique. Sometimes humorous, rarely completely serious… A bit like me. My friends call me Sheesh, short for Sherrise, but also fairly appropriate according to my personality. Oh Sheesh… Some have defined that as, “to fool around or emphasize whatever’s funny about a situation… Amazement, excitement, or awe.

I’ve been creating since birth; who hasn’t? Admittedly, some of my creations have gotten a bit better since then. I came to Bend to visit in 2008, then never left. Since then, I’ve been lucky enough to meet and fall in love with my best friend, Adam, and our daughter, Esther, joined us in 2018. Through my husband’s support, encouragement, and belief in me, I have invested much into creating unique items.

Esther has now taken over the main role of being an inspiration to me. It’s because of her that I’m at craft shows today. She makes with me, challenges me, proposes ideas to me, creates her own, and has managed to negotiate her own percentage of sales by being my sales person.

From sewing bags of many sizes and styles, to fabulous corner bookmarks; crocheting a series of unique toddler and kid size skirts with matching necklaces (which my daughter mainly works on); to tongue-in-cheek hand wood-burned Christmas ornaments… to the completely unique (and many years in the making) Giddy Up Glove (which is perfect for sitting around a fire in the fall and winter), I love working in many different mediums.

In fact, I don’t know how people get bored when there are so many different kinds of things to do! The more I create, the more I can’t wait to do more, learn more, teach my daughter more…

Be her inspiration. Embrace myself. And I hope that you embrace you.

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