Custom Hunt Concepts

Example 1

Around the Home

1) Freezer
2) Mailbox
3) Shower
4) Dresser Drawer
5) Toolbox
6) Closet
7) Vacuum
8) Pots and Pans

Example 2

Around The Town (Half Day Adventure)

1) Under Your Car Seat
2) Drink or Snack at a Local Place
3) Favorite Store for Goodies
4) In the Trunk of your Vehicle
5) Bookstore or Library
6) Cocktail Hour at Bar, Pub, or Brewery
7) Mailbox at Home
8) Back Home for pre-planned Romantic Meal/Picnic

Example 3

Around The Town (Full Day Adventure)

1) Breakfast at a Restaurant
2) Favorite Coffee Shop
3) Friends or Families House
4) Favorite Store for Goodies
5) Lunch at a Restaurant
6) Favorite or “Special” Location in town
7) Cocktail Hour at Bar, Pub, or Brewery
8) Friends House for a Pre-planned Party!

There are innumerable different ways that The Hunt can be set up for someone! Just let us know if you have something in mind and we can make it work. Planning a road-trip across country? A trip to the beach? Make it even more exciting by planning The Hunt to guide you from stop to stop along the way there!

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