Incorporating Gifts into The Hunt

How do you incorporate gifts into The Hunt?

If you’re wondering what to do about gifts (aka Treasures) for The Lucky Hunter during The Hunt… Well, lucky you. we’ve thought about that for you, too! Here are a few thoughts to get you started, with more to come in the future.

Option 1) Get a treasure ready for each clue along the way, including the end. Hide the treasures along with the clues.

Option 2) Hide a few treasures along the way; ie: with clue 2, clue 4, clue 6, and one at the very end.

Option 3) Prepare a treasure basket full of treasures for The Lucky Hunter to find at the very end of The Hunt.

Option 4) Have just one very special treasure hiding at the very end of the hunt. One treasure that they will treasure forever and always.

Option 5) Be a jerk and give them no treasures. (We don’t recommend this option)

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