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Craft Shows, Bazaars, Crafters Markets…

Whatever you want to call them, I’ve started vending! Finally, going to market with the many products that I’ve been creating over the years. The latest, greatest, most adorable thing that my daughter has inspired me to continue with is the crocheted skirts for… Continue Reading “Craft Shows, Bazaars, Crafters Markets…”

Custom Orders Available!

Custom Orders of The Hunt now Available

The Hunt – Version 3

DETAILS ON VERSION 3 In The Hunt – Version 3, all the clues are based around places or objects that most people have in their homes. Easy to set up, fairly easy to solve, this package will help you set up a quick adventure… Continue Reading “The Hunt – Version 3”

All about gifts… for now.

Some of you might be wondering about how to deal with Treasures throughout the hunt. Well, here are a few thoughts for you to ponder for now. We’ll share more ideas about incorporating gifts into The Hunt later on. How do I incorporate gifts… Continue Reading “All about gifts… for now.”

Welcome to The Hunt

An Adventure Gift The Hunt is an artfully arranged, handcrafted home-based treasure hunt package, ready to set up as a small adventure for someone special in your life. How Does It Work? You’re probably wondering… How does this work? Each package includes a number… Continue Reading “Welcome to The Hunt”